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Market Sectors

Core Competence - Aerospace

Henton Engineering expertise and physical capacity, enables it to process a range of prismatic machined parts including specialised rings up to 2m in diameter that are used on a range of aerospace civil engines for customers including Rolls Royce and GE. Derivatives of this product type are to be found in a number of industrial power generation applications.

Core Competence - Military

The manufacture of strategic complex components, structures and mechanical sub-assemblies for military fixed wing aircraft and also for military helicopters in high temperature alloys. We provide both development and production support with a culture of design for cost and performance.

Core Competence - Space

Henton provides interface rings which form the main centre column of the spacecraft from which all other hardware is attached to that structure. These critical structural components are made from super high grade 7000 series aluminium alloys. Henton partners on a number of development programs for adapter flanges and propulsion systems.

Core Competence - Pharmaceutical Industry

We provide the column support rings that are an integral part of chromatography products that are used to separate out the injectable microorganisms from the culture media.